Trusted by the largest initiative for Startups in Greece

Mantis Beyond Innovation is the Official Partner of the Greek Government for the implementation of the Elevate Greece Initiative & the National Startup Registry, aiming to record all the startups in Greece, monitor their progress based on KPIs, support them with benefits and measures, and operate as an attraction for investors, both in Greece and abroad!

Product & Services

Work with our team to launch new initiatives & drive digital transformation.

Mantis IMS

Quickly create custom application and evaluation forms! Via Mantis IMS, we automate procedures and provide you with a triple system for submission – evaluation – monitor of data.


Drive Innovation

We help you run innovation programs and develop a clear strategy. From hackathons, to idea challenges & competitions, we are here to skyrocket your innovative activities!

Evaluation Solutions & Analytics

Applying algorithmic processes and evaluation solutions, we derive insights and Data Analytics presented in reports or dashboards! Our solutions for real-time streaming analytics span across industries!

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    What we Offer

    Solutions tailored to
    meet your needs

    Benchmarking data and tracing analytics with zero input from your side. Our software helps you take control of your startups, track their progress and drive you to the right decisions. 



    Solutions for

    A digital solution to simplify evaluation processes and track progress. Mantis IMS is a time savior platform that minimizes paperwork, automates processes and eliminates effort


    Digitize now your innovation management funnels and automate your evaluation process from start to finish. Track progress and assign participants to review!


    Streamline your Innovation Management Process by easily collecting and reviewing submissions! We can always help you start your own accelerator program!

    Venture Capitals

    Collect submissions and create seamless, repeatable evaluation processes that best work for you! Improve your operational efficiency by monitoring your investments!


    Receive applications, assign them to judges and collect ranking scores for the participants’ performance! We can always help you host your own idea challenge or hackathon!


    Manage your research activities and monitor your impact via Mantis IMS! Collect research proposals, evaluate them and easily track their progress based on KPIs!


    Track your entrepreneurial ecosystem and monitor its impact. We offer Open Innovation solutions and customized analytics for your community!

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