Elevate Greece the Case Study

Transforming the vision into reality as requested by the Greek Government! 

How Mantis B.I. created the most impactful initiative for
Startups in Greece!

The problem

According to the Greek Government, there was not a unified way for the Greek State to track the exact number of startups & monitor their progress so as to benefit them with funding and state-aid schemes.

Ministry of Development & Investments

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Distilling the idea

This is exactly where we stepped in! It actually seemed like the perfect job for us! And it was. – The curation of a National Startup Registry!
It is the first time that the Greek Government has reached an agreement with a Greek startup so as to draw up and implement a National Strategy for Startups and the Innovation Ecosystem in Greece! And we could not be more thrilled!

Before arriving anywhere near the implementation, we sought to answer a question: how is this an initiative that will actually assist startup companies? In Mantis B.I., as a startup  as well, we approached the project with sincere attention so as to build up Elevate Greece and make it a meaningful initiative that can empower the Greek Startup Ecosystem and focus on the real needs of startups.

How we managed the Project

13 Steps to create Elevate Greece

It is the first time that the Greek Government has reached an agreement with a Greek startup so as to draw up and implement a National Strategy for Startups and the Innovation Ecosystem in Greece! And we could not be more thrilled!
As an Innovation Enabler, Mantis designed, implemented and currently operates the Elevate Greece Initiative & the National Startup Registry!

So what exactly is Elevate Greece?
Serving as a gateway, Elevate Greece is the official platform and leading resource for in-depth information on the Greek Startup Ecosystem, aspiring to help it grow and expand.
Check out all the steps we followed to complete the project and create Elevate Greece!

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Research, Research, Research...

01 -- Best Practices

Since there were already, other governmental initiatives, corresponding tools for Startups and Startup Ecosystems across the world, we started by exploring other countries’ initiatives and proceeded with bibliographic research regarding other ecosystems’ initiatives.

02 -- Sign up procedures

  • Beneficiaries of submission
  • Eligible industries
  • Startup operation period as a business
  • Economic Criteria (Turnover, exports, number of employees, etc.)
  • Investment criteria (participation of angels, VCs, grants)
  • Application form

03 -- Evaluation process & Criteria

  • Evaluation process – phases 
  • Evaluation Form
  • Evaluation criteria (eligibility check)
  • Evaluation form
  • Fast-track process for 
  • Number and suitability of evaluators

04 -- Evaluation System

Once the sign-up and evaluation processes were defined, the appropriate mathematical models were created so as to quantify the subjective criteria in order to create a numerical result that will approve or not a company for the National Startup Registry.


05 -- Branding

To promote the initiative, we conceptualized the project, created the branding of the initiative. This initiative was going to lead the greek startup scene and it should have more than a cool name!  

06 -- Web Design

Not only we created the main landing page for the initiative to provide all the necessary information regarding the National Startup Registry, but also a Digital Gate – where you can find the most in depth resources, check out startup profiles & seek job openings in startups! It’s the ultimate point of reference for startups in Greece!

07 -- Implementation

The main landing page for the initiative was created, where the activity of the National Startup Registry was described and a call2action was placed so as to lead applicants to submit. The landing page serves as a tool to promote action and now it’s the official portal to the National Startup Registry.

Information System

08 -- The Platform

Our Innovation Management Software – Mantis IMS was employed as the information system to support the digital needs of the initiative and facilitate the submission-evaluation-monitor procedure of the National Startup Registry. We customized our product to meet the needs of the Greek Government, we installed it in GCloud.

09 -- Database & Open Data

By using an API we export the information provided by startups into the Registry to the official website, so as anyone can be informed officially about the Greek startups. The database is mapping the Innovation Ecosystem by monitoring the number of startups per Region.

10 -- Analytics

The database analyses the performance of Greek startups through the use of KPIs, such as the funding received by the enterprises and their annual turnover. We will be providing analytics and insights based on the data of the National Startup Registry – A clear map that tracks the local startup ecosystem and provides the most in depth information & resources for startups in Greece which will be offered publicly.

The After-launch

11 -- Support

To deliver the best customer experience along with transparency & best collaboration of internal team just email support isn’t sufficient. To address that issue we implemented a ticketing system to track all the incoming requests and inquiries regarding the submission and application process and guide all users around the platform. 

12 -- Digital Marketing

There’s no such thing as an initiative that won’t be promoted. On this concept, we create and implement the social media marketing plan and run all the necessary Digital Marketing campaigns to promote Elevate Greece!

13 -- Interoperability & KPI monitoring

Mantis continues to develop the robust integration capabilities that software developers need to navigate the fragmented world of data exchange and interoperability in innovation & startup ecosystem. While monitoring Key performance indicators in order to help the Government focus on strategic data aspiring for further growth of Greek startups.

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Explore the Greek startup Ecosystem

We proudly stand at the epicenter of this development; setting up and implementing a strategy that will alter the Greek Innovation Ecosystem with a tangible impact reflecting the real needs of Startups.We could not be more thrilled!

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