2020 is a milestone year for us as an initiative for Startups inspired by the Greek Government, was designed, implemented and is currently being operated by Mantis Business Innovation. It is the first time that the Greek Government has reached an agreement with a Greek startup so as to draw up and implement a National Strategy for Startups and the Innovation Ecosystem in Greece! And we could not be more thrilled!

After 3 years of observation and involvement in the Greek Startup Ecosystem, we will be able to contribute our deep understanding and expertise on a national level. We proudly stand in the epicenter of this development; setting up and implementing a strategy that will alter the Greek Innovation Ecosystem with a tangible impact reflecting the real needs of Startups.

So, what exactly is Elevate Greece?  A top-of-the-line initiative launched by the Greek Government, intended to identify promising startups to support their growth while nurturing a robust innovation ecosystem. It comes with a digital portal through which Greek startups can apply to be officially accredited by the Greek State.

How is Mantis involved? Well, our Innovation Management Software – Mantis IMS was used as the information system to support the digital needs of the initiative and facilitate the submission-evaluation-monitor procedure of the National Startup Registry.

Our CEO, @Christos Nikoloudis, contributed – along with the ESETEK members (the National Council for Research, Technology and Innovation) –collaborated in order to establish the procedures about how startups can apply to the National Startup Registry, the criteria upon which applications will be evaluated and decided if the related startup is entitled to enter the registry or not.

To promote the initiative, we conceptualized the project, created the branding of the initiative and finally designed and implemented the official website of the initiative.

Most importantly, once the Registry is launched, we will be providing analytics and insights based on the data of the National Startup Registry. A clear map that tracks the local startup ecosystem and provides the most in depth information & resources for startups in Greece which will be offered publicly.

Our ambition is that Elevate Greece will become a unique hub for the startup community both in Greece and abroad!

Who can apply?

Are you representing a startup and you wish to apply to the National Startup Registry? Read bellow the eligibility criteria to apply:

  • Legal form: PC or LLC or SA with headquarters in Greece, or maintains a subsidiary company or a branch in Greece (Greek VAT number), in the case headquarters are located outside Greece.
    NOTE: single person PS or LLC are not eligible for application the registry
  • Does not exceed 8 years of full operation since their establishment, counting from the date of submission of the application for registration in the National Startup Registry.
  • Employ less than 250 employees Full-Time Equivalent during the last year of operation, as recorded through the ERGANI information systems of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
  • The annual turnover should not exceed the amount of 50 million euros as recorded in the financial statements of the last fiscal year.

Once you meet the eligibility criteria, your application will be evaluated by two market experts. If both of them approve your submission, you will be informed via email and your startup will enter the registry. Read bellow the evaluation criteria:

I) Innovation

  • Τechnological innovation in the product / service and / or the existence of an innovative business model, taking advantage of the latest technologies available.
  • Existence of few competitors (startups or large companies). It is clarified that the term “competitors” refers to companies offering solutions with similar advantages. The term “Competitors” does not refer to those firms addressing at the same market in general.
  • Innovative enterprises are also considered companies with primary activity in research and innovation aiming to pattend Intellectual Property Rights with prospects of commercial exploitation (“knowledge-intensive enterprises”).

II) Scalability

  • Evaluators examine whether the business model and/or technology allow for rapid scalability. The main company’s product/service is standardised, or may be easily, standardised. Consulting/design services or tailor made solutions are not considered scalable.

#Stay tuned for the official launch within the next few weeks!

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