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Whatever your evaluation needs are, we are confident that we can assist you!
Evaluation can be a simple, do-it-yourself process, or a full-scale, professional study! We have been helping our clients to evaluate and benchmark alternatives as well as create evaluation algorithms and tools.

What We Do

Customised Evaluation Systems

  • Development of evaluation criteria
  • Determining weights in each criterion with the SIMOS method
  • Normalization and quantification of criteria by the method of total preference models and selection of a multi-criteria method
  • Complex and dynamic survey logic

Decision Problems

Data analysis and reporting - KPIs

  • Development of metrics, KPIs and measurement frameworks
  • Analysis and reporting of existing data
  • Analysis of qualitative data

What is the process

Our Scientific Approach



We select the evaluation criteria and indicators that simulate best the evaluation process



We create models of total preference through additive functions that will calculate weights of criteria



Finding tracking indicators for "mining" useful data for growth appropriate policies and targeted actions

Benefits at a Glance

Unique objective & subjective rating system for robust evaluation processes

Consistent usage along the entire development process in multiple domains

Data processing and evaluation methods enable smart, quick and intuitive decision-making

Decision process takes ages   

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