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Mantis BI | GreenTech Challenge 2022

For the sixth time in a row, the GreenTech Challenge 2022 took place in the National Technical University of Athens from December 9th to 11th. 

The GreenTech Challenge has grown significantly over the years to the largest National Program of Green Innovation that aims to educate, guide and present new innovative ideas and inventions in the fields of: Environment, Energy, Innovative Green Products & Advanced Materials, Manufacturing of the Future, Raw Materials, Smart & Sustainable Cities, Sustainable Tourism and Blue Growth.

It is a diverse program that brings together startups, innovative SMΕs, students and researchers who wish to develop innovative solutions to real world challenges and change the world for the better.

GreenTech Challenge is scientifically directed by the Environmental Economics and Sustainability Unit from National Technical University of Athens and UNESCO Chair for Circular Economy and Green Innovation. Mantis Beyond Innovation act as the organiser and Innovation Enabler of the program, with the support of Ministry of Environment and Energy.

Our role

Mantis IMS Platform

Mantis Beyond Innovation has played an integral part in the success of the program as the Innovation Enabler and facilitator. Mantis BI has provided the technology required for the digital management of the program through the Mantis IMS (Innovation Management Software) platform. Moreover, through Mantis IMS and the expertise of Mantis BI Innovation Experts, we updated the GreenTech Challenge database with new insightful data to record the status-quo of green innovation in Greece.

Educational Program

Mantis BI Innovation Experts were also responsible for the training and coaching of participants, through an end-to-end educational program consisted by an Info Day, four (4) Bootcamp Trainings, 16+ hours of mentoring for each team with the support of our large network of mentors. For their final submission, all participants had the opportunity to meet with Mantis BI Startup Analyst to review the financial analysis and sustainability of their business.


Event Management

Mantis BI was also responsible for the event management of the finals (3-day event) and the communication strategy to ensure a smooth and seamless delivery of the event.

Challenges & Milestones

Our greatest challenge was to ensure that GreenTech Challenge is accessible from all over Greece, ensuring that the participating teams had the right support from start to finish to develop their ideas into commercial business models regardless their location. To achieve that we reached out to our large network of industry experts and academics from Universities across the country, who helped us run educational activities, shared their knowledge and expertise with our participants and disseminated the program.

Last but not least, our main focus for this year’s GreenTech Challenge was the active participation of the GreenTech Partners in the program to increase its impact. All Partners were invited to share with the participants real challenges they face in their respective industries aiming to generate sustainable solutions, applicable and useful for the market.

What we achieved

Due to our effective communication strategy and simplified application process we raised awareness about the program, and its benefits both for the participants as well as the environment, and enabled participation which resulted in:

  • 202 team submissions
  • Participation from all Greek Universities
  • 95 mentors
  • 40 members of scientific committee
  • 22 GreenTech Partners supporting the program
  • 1000+ hours of training and coaching
  • 60 teams/startups progressed to the semifinals

The team of mentors and industry experts who participated in the program supported our  teams through their 2-month training and preparation and helped them develop their ideas into startups with a clear business plan.

Our proudest moment and greatest achievement, was the fact that we connected the whole green innovation community in our 3-day final event and sparked some great conversations, ideas and innovations that will be changing the world for the better.

  • 350+ participants in the final event
  • 20+ VIP Speakers
  • 3 Panels
  • 30+ Evaluators
  • 60 Bright & Innovative Ideas

Thank you all for joining us in another GreenTech Challenge by ESU NTUA.

See you soon in our upcoming green innovation challenges!

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