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Mantis IMS Software

Simplify Management
Mantis offers a holistic platform that reassures the digital transformation of your organization.
We automate procedures and provide with a triple system for submission – evaluation – monitor of data.

Suitable for

Digitize now your innovation management funnels and improve your operational efficiency.

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Track your entrepreneurial ecosystem and monitor its impact.

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Manage your research activities and monitor your innovation impact.

Suitable for

Improve your operational efficiency, track your impact and elevate the trust towards your activities.

Mantis IMS

Use workflow automations

Stand out with an intuitive and modern submission & evaluation experience. Quickly create custom application and evaluation forms that make it easy for applicants and evaluators to do their work.

Applications Funnel Management
  • Customizable Application Form
  • Templates for Application Form
  • Private/Public Mode Submission
  • Draft Mode for Applicants
  • Preview mode of incomplete submissions for evaluators
  • Applicant Messaging Module
  • Sharable Link to Publish the submission from to your network
Evaluation Framework
  • Customizable Scoring Engine
  • Templates for Evaluation Form
  • Invitation for Evaluators 
  • Assign Submissions to Evaluators
  • Online Evaluation
  • Automated Score Calculation
  • Multiple Evaluation Phases
  • One-click submission approval and shortlisting
KPIs & Progress Tracking
  • Customized KPIs Form
  • KPIs Templates Form
  • Automatic KPIs Submission Reminder
  • Validate KPIs Submissions
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • Track Deal Flow
  • Trace Analytics

SaaS platform

No need to worry about infrastructure management or software updates. Run your innovation processes in our secure and reliable cloud

API access

Grab data from your Mantis IMS installation and use them in your existing processes. Showcase your analytics in your program’s website fast and easily.

Ecosystem solution

Customize Mantis IMS and install it in-premises infrastructure. Manage easily your local innovation ecosystem and let it grow.

Tools & Features

Discover the key features of Mantis IMS and learn how we can help you take the hassle out of running your programs and workflows.

Contact Manager

Easily store in categories and find contact information! Mantis IMS has a contact-centric database that provides a fully integrated approach to track your contacts!

Online Library
A curation of resources available to assist your pool of contacts by sharing documents and other educational material! It provides remote access to a variety of information!

Perks allow your MantisIMS community members to offer benefits to each other, like pro bono services and discounts. This way you keep your community engaged!

Virtual Academy

Virtual Academy has a variety of training courses to choose from. We offer high quality online training based on scenarios from leading industry experts.

Financial Tools

These financial tools help your community assess their performance and conduct business evaluation so as to make better decisions!

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No matter if you are a big or a small innovative organization, Mantis IMS is the best solution to improve your operational efficiency and grow your innovation impact.

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