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Unlock Innovation via our quintuple Innovation Suite

At Mantis Beyond Innovation, we offer more than just services; we offer the future.

Dive into our InnoTech Suite, where startup dreams are nurtured with precision, strategies are rebooted for the modern age, and fresh startup ideas spring to life. Lean on our expertise to navigate the tech landscape and evolve your vision into a dynamic reality.

Innovation Portfolio Management

Your Innovation Projects, in one place

Why run innovation projects and programs when you don’t have designed your Innovation Process and what metrics you want to measure? Mantis BI is here for you.

We help you maintain and progress your organization’s innovation projects to develop new products & services, optimize processes, and quantify innovation. But first things first.

01 Understanding Your Needs

Assessing your current innovation status quo, culture, and extroversion regarding the startup and innovation ecosystem.

02 Setting up your Process

We help you design and streamline how you'll manage innovation in your organization, aligning with your business strategy.

03 Monitoring your Portfolio

We identify the KPIs and metrics you can monitor and provide you with the Innovation Portfolio Management Software tailor-made to your needs.

Corporate Innovation Hubs

Transmuting Innovation Strategies into Measurable high-yield Results

We set up a Hub purely to support our partners’ innovation strategy by implementing innovation activities and open innovation programs, while also building the community of innovators around their Hub’s brand.

All in one framework of a) planning your future innovation projects, b) aligning them with your strategy and activating the key innovation services we provide, c) executing them, d) assessing and adapting based on the insights gathered.

Technology & Startup Scouting

Delving into technology trends and emerging startups, we identify what's the Next Big Thing for your organization to acquire.

Open Innovation Programs

Engage the innovation & startup ecosystem outside your organization and enhance your internal pool of talent.

Innovation Portfolio Management

Create your digital innovation portfolio and manage your innovation ideas, technologies, and startups in your network.

Venture Builder as a Service

Crafting the leading vendors of the next era

Crafting tomorrow’s leading ventures In today’s dynamic business landscape, creating a successful enterprise requires more than just a spark of inspiration. 


To provide our partners with high-yield green & tech ventures where they can invest in

pre-seed phase, and let us drive them to an exit.

Accompanying founders in their whole entrepreneurial journey, from the initial idea generation to the market launch and growth of a flourishing business, while also solving some of the most pressing business challenges.

Identify Business Opportunities

We delve deep into industry specifics and technology trends, identifying prime opportunities to position your venture effectively.

Business Blueprinting

With a balance of creativity and practicality, we set up a feasible business model that resonates with your vision and target audience.

Go-to-Market Strategy & Exit

Cutting through the noise, we carve a clear business path until your venture's rapid scale and ensure optimal visibility and traction.