Simplify Management

Eliminate management headaches

Mantis offers a holistic platform that reassures the digital transformation of your organization.
We automate procedures and provide with a triple system for submission – evaluation – monitor of data.

What We offer

Solutions tailored to meet your needs

Customized solutions to amplify innovation, monitor impact, and boost efficiency across varied sectors.


Digitize now your innovation management funnels and improve your operational efficiency.


Track your entrepreneurial ecosystem and monitor its impact.


Manage your research activities and monitor your innovation impact.


Improve your operational efficiency, track your impact and elevate the trust towards your activities.

Intuitive and modern submission & evaluation experience

One system to innovate them all

Quickly create custom application and evaluation forms that make it easy for applicants and evaluators to do their work.

Customised Evaluation Forms

We help you run innovation programs and develop a clear strategy. From hackathons, to idea challenges & competitions, we are here to skyrocket your innovative activities!

Progress Tracking

Applying algorithmic processes and evaluation solutions, we derive insights and Data Analytics presented in reports or dashboards! Our solutions for real-time streaming analytics span across industries!