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Label: Procurement Opportunity
Publication Date: 10/10/2022
Application Deadline: 14/10/2022 15:00 CET

Project Description 

EIT RawMaterials Lab2Market Programme is a new program with the objective to generate start-ups and new sustainable solutions through the outcomes of research, knowledge and experience of EIT-Labelled Master Programs students, EIT- Labelled Master Programme Alumni and the European Ph.D. student community in the raw materials sector.  

The EIT RawMaterials Lab2Market Programme is a long training programme consisting of three phases: Ideation, Start-up Development, and Incubation. Each phase has specific objectives and deliverables, aiming to support the participants with generating innovative ideas, transforming them into sustainable products and commencing with business and product development. 

For that, EIT RawMaterials requests by your company a series of IT & marketing services to help digitalize and automate the processes of the programme as well as raise awareness and disseminate the program both at the applications’ phase and the execution phase. The deliverables requested are: 


  1. IT Infrastructure Management 
  2. Helpdesk (Installation, License & Support) 
  3. Implementation of Communication Strategy & Marketing plan  


Duration of activities should be concluded by latest 31st December 2022  

IT Infrastructure Management requirements: 

  • Applicants’ Journey, Submission, evaluation and cohorts’ digitalization 
  • Registration of evaluators in the system
  • Evaluation and management of the applications for final approval 
  • Assignment of evaluation of the applications to the Evaluators (according to the procedures) 
  • Management of the data and export of reports for approval to the Programme Manager 
  • Creation of the new calls that are opened during the programme 
  • Setup of application and evaluation forms in the system 
  • Monitoring the proper functioning of the system 
  • System Manager  

Requirements for HelpDesk & Ticketing System operation for candidates’ needs – FAQs for the platform: 

End users turn to help desks in order to resolve issues they may experience with the system facilitating the Lab2Market Programme. As such, help desk support staff are tasked with answering questions and providing on-site help to users experiencing a problem. The offer must include: 

  1. Reply to the special messaging system to serve anyone who needs either clarifications or help for the submission or for the use of the other services of Elevate Greece for 8 hours per day (5/7). 
  2. Telephone service for anyone who needs either clarifications or help for submitting an application or other stakeholders of Lab2Market Programme for 8 hours per day (5/7). 
  3. Reply to emails for anyone who needs either clarifications or help for the submission or other stakeholders for 8 hours per day (5/7). 
  4. Creation of a guide and supporting material for all involved parties using the system 
  5. FAQs system to resolve inquiries for stakeholders of the Programme 
  6. HelpDesk Manager Support  

Requirements for Implementation of Communication Strategy & Marketing plan  

To ensure the outreach and the visibility of the Programme’s activities towards the Stakeholders as well as the broader public, the implementation of a communication and marketing strategy and plan are necessary. The offer must include the following topics: 

  • Development of a promotional campaign for the interested parties for the programme so as to maximize applications 
  • Management of Social Media accounts and implementation of the campaign 
  • Implementation of the campaign with SEO and Google AdWords 
  • Analytical Reports of Google Analytics 
  • Create all assets for communicational plan (copy & visuals) 
  • Campaign spend up to 2,000€ 
  • Newsletters 
  • SoMe Posts 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Dedicated Marketing Account Manager  


  • Main scope. Budget should be up to 25,000€ and will be approved according to Activities-Deliverables proposed. 
  • Breakdown description of costs and categories 
  • The payment method will be deployed 10 days upon delivery 

Please send us  an official original offer based on the above requirements at the following address:

Mantis Beyond Innovation
Irakleiou Avenue 350
2nd Floor, Office B20
Nea Ionia, 14231
Attica, Greece

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